Neon Kart Review

The Neon Kart is a hoverboard attachment that transforms your self-balancing electric scooter into an electric powered go kart.

Strap the hoverboard seat on to any two-wheeled self balancing scooter with the Velcro straps provided and now you’ve got a totally new and fun toy.

As pictured below, it comes in two color options, red and blue. Note: this applies to the color of the kart itself, and not the color of the hoverboard pictured. The hoverboard itself comes separately.

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Neon Kart in red with blue hoverboard combine to make a hover kart

Neon Kart in blue with red hoverboard combine to make a hover cartAdvantages

By buying this accessory you get a whole new form of entertainment out of your hoverboard. It’s an economical way of getting a new activity out of an existing toy you might already own.

It’s more fun than a regular go-kart because it’s electric and so you get more speed. It also feels faster than using your hoverboard in its standing position because it seems faster when you’re down close to the ground.

The levers are intuitive to use and give you good control over steering. Going around corners is fun, as you lean your body in, just as you would on a go-kart. It’s stable to use and can be used by all ages, including people who don’t have the good balance required to stand on a self-balancing scooter.

The design of the Neon Kart is simple and it is well built of quality materials. You can easily attach it to your hoverboard with the Velcro straps provided. These are adjustable for boards of different sizes.

The fully adjustable design lets the kart be modified for people of different sizes. Unlike an old style go kart this makes it easy for everyone to have a turn. The cart comes with an open wrench and an Allen key wrench for adjusting the length of the leg rest.


It will take you about 10 minutes to assemble the kart when first taking it out of the box. It requires 4 bolts to attach the seat to the frame. The tools for this are provided and it’s just a once off activity.

If you don’t yet own one, you need to buy the hoverboard separately. You can find plenty of different hoverboards for sale on Amazon.

Caution may be required in finding the right place to use this kart. As with any hoverboard go kart, there’s the safety issue of being so low to the ground that drivers may not see you. You’ll also need a fairly flat surface because most hoverboards aren’t great off-road. (Unless you have an all-terrain hoverboard such as the EPIKGO balance board.)

What do users think?

Neon Kart Reviews on Amazon have been very positive. It has a 4.5 star rating and comments have been very positive. People agree this is a great hoverboard seat attachment that leads to lots of FUN.

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Neon Kart Review