Heavy duty extra large hoverkart by WorryFree Gadgets – Review


Edit: 4 September 2017 – the extra large hoverkart is currently unavailable.


If you want a large hoverkart for tall teens or adults to use, this WorryFree Gadgets model is the one for you. It’s larger and sturdier than other hover karts, so 6″2 adults up to 220 lbs can comfortably use it.

Attach it to your self-balancing electric scooter and you’ve suddenly given it a new lease on life. Turn your hoverboard into a fun electric go kart that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


Adjustable design

The extra large, heavy duty frame on this hoverboard go kart has an extendable length that goes from 35″ to 45″.  Other similar cart frames usually only go up to 39″. This means it can be used by the whole family, parents included. It’s quick and easy to adjust the frame length for different people so everyone can take turns.


What size hoverboard does it fit?

The large hoverkart is compatible with 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ hoverboards. How do you tell how big your hoverboard is? Simply measure the diameter of the wheels. (Sometimes the 6.5″ is referred to as 7″.)


How do you fit the attachment to your hoverboard?

The attachment is easy to fit to your electric scooter. It will take less than a minute to use the Velcro straps provided to attach it.


How this hoverboard go kart work?

Once you’ve attached the frame to your hoverboard and adjusted the leg length as required, you’re ready to use it. First make sure your electric self balancing scooter is charged and turned on. Then carefully take your seat and hold the two levers in your hands.

It’s easy to control the direction by using the two levers for navigation. Pull the handle on the side you want to turn towards. You can even lean into the corner with your body just like on a go-kart. The front swivel wheel moves automatically as you change direction.


What are its benefits over other brands?

The hoverboard seat itself is more comfortable than many alternatives. The molded plastic seat has some mild grip where you sit to stop you slipping and has ventilation holes at the back to keep you cool when it’s hot.

The frame of the cart is made of quality materials and is sturdier than many other alternatives. Despite this, it’s no more expensive – in fact, it’s one of the more affordable options.

As mentioned earlier, the leg length is longer on this model.

It otherwise uses the same basic design concept as many as other models.


What colors does it come in?

The frame is black with colored accents on the handles – the color options are black handles, blue handles or red handles.


What do users say?

This model has a 5 star rating on Amazon, where purchasers said it was well-built, fun, a good size and backed by good service.

You have to assemble it yourself before it’s ready to use, which some purchasers found tricky. But others did in a couple of minutes. It does come with all the tools you need and some instructions. If you need extra guidance there’s YouTube video that shows how to set it up.









Heavy duty extra large hoverkart by WorryFree Gadgets – Review