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Jetson Hoverboard & JetKart Review

Jetkart and Jetson Hoverboard

The ultimate combo package: Jetson Hoverboard and JetKart Reviewed

You can get the Jetson Hoverboard and Jetkart as a combo package, which would make a fantastic gift for any lucky child or grandchild. This gives the rider 2 new toys in one – a go kart and a self balancing electronic scooter.

Most other hover kart attachments are sold separately to hoverboards.

Getting the 2 items in a combo package means you don’t have the uncertainty of whether or not a go kart attachment will fit a hoverboard that is bought separately.

This makes it a great solution for parents or grandparents who are buying a gift for a child or teenager and want to be sure the package is going to work together nicely straight out of the box.

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The Jetson V8 Sport Hoverboard Review

Jetson Hoverboard self balancing electronic scooterThis is the Jetson Hoverboard that comes in the combo package. It’s an all black V8 Sport Hoverboard with all terrain tires and functionality.

(For those buying a gift, and aren’t familiar with hoverboards, they are also known as self-balancing electronic scooters. Hoverboards are a ride on toy or mode of transport, where the user stands on the middle section and controls the speed and direction of movement by shifting body weight.)

The Jetson V8 Sport Hoverboard comes assembled and with a UL-certified charger included. It will take a couple of hours to fully charge it up, and after you’ve done that you’re ready to take your first ride. The charging light will indicate when it is charged. Then press the power button to turn on and get ready to ride! The battery has a 12 mile range so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

This is a sturdy model of hoverboard, which has all terrain tires (6.5″x2″) and is water and dust resistant. It has 3 speed modes with a maximum speed of 10mph.

Extra fun

For extra fun and entertainment it has an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 dynamic speaker so the rider can enjoy listening to music while on the go. You can download the Ride Jetson App to customize your music and ride. The board has LED lights that can sync with the music.

Is this a safe hoverboard?

Tested under the industry’s highest standards, this hoverboard is UL 2272 certified with an 4.4 Ah lithium ion battery and UL certified charger.

With speeds up to 10mph wearing a helmet is recommended, especially for beginners who are getting used to controlling the scooter through body movements.


The JetKart Hoverboard Attachment

Attach the JetKart Universal Add-On to the V8 Sport Hoverboard to transform it into a ride-on electronic go kart.  Attachment is quick and easy with 2 velcro straps on the kart that hook around the hoverboard.

The length of the kart extends from 22″ to to 45″ to adjust for bodies of all heights. (Recommended for age 13+). The back rest is also adjustable for comfort and the foot rest has been ergonomically designed too.

The JetKart attachment doesn’t have to be used with the hoverboard that comes in this package. It is also compatible with all hoverboards from 6.5″ to 10″ in size.


Free shipping!

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We hope you have found this Jetson Hoverboard & JetKart review helpful. In summary, this package is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t yet have a hoverboard, and wants to get both a hoverboard and kart attachment at the same time.

If you don’t need a combo package, but only need a go kart attachment for a hoverboard, check out our other reviews.

HoverSeat review

HoverSeat XL in black at the beach

The HoverSeat is a cool new way to have fun with your hoverboard. Here you can find our HoverSeat review to see how easy it is to add a chair to your wheels.


What is a HoverSeat?

The HoverSeat is an attachment you buy separately. You connect it to your hoverboard and it provides the framework to convert it into a ride on toy.

You just need to attach the HoverSeat to your hoverboard and start having fun.

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How does it differ to hoverkarts?

Unlike other hoverkarts, the HoverSeat does NOT have steering with arms. The steering is done with changing the balance of weight on your feet.

Other hoverkarts have the hoverboard at the back, of the structure, whereas this one has it at the front.

Hoverkarts usually have 3 wheels, whereas this has 4.


What’s included in the HoverSeat kit?

The HoverSeat kit includes the aluminum frame with 2 ball bearing wheels and the HoverClamp. Two Velcro strips are also included in the package to tie down your chair. The T-handle is also included which you can easily install in front of the frame which will be helpful for you to tow your HoverSeat when needed.

It only takes 5 minutes to assemble it fully. The product manual is helpful for making assembly easy.

Note that neither the beach chair nor the hoverboard is included in the package. Note: The XL version mentioned below DOES come with a soft seat.

You can use your own favorite chair with it which is definitely a win-win situation. Make sure you pick a chair that will be stable and has a center of gravity fairly low to keep your balance.

They are now selling HoverSeat v2.0 which has improved wheels.


Also available in an XL version

HoverSeat XL Find the best price on Amazon for the XL HoverSeat.

Unlike the standard size HoverSeat, the XL Hoverseat comes with a soft and comfy sport seat as part of the frame. The backrest angle is adjustable for comfort.  The seat has a generous back pack storage and armrest side pouch with space for a bottle and cell phone.

HoverSeat XL works best with a 10″ hoverboard.


Compatibility with Hoverboards

The HoverSeat clamp works with standard 6” and 10” hoverboards. Your hoverboard must have round middle parts otherwise the clamp will not work so be careful with this. The clamp will not work with 8″ hoverboards and Epikgo-style off road hoverboards. The hoverboard must have a rounded middle.


How to use the HoverKart

HoverSeat can be used on or off road but the best thing is that you can easily ride over packed sand, grass, gravel etc. (Subject to the limitations of the hoverboard you’re using with it, of course.)

It can be your perfect companion on the beach or while you are doing gardening. HoverSeat is really easy to assemble and actually more practical than only a hoverboard.

To have a smooth ride you must fill the tires with the recommended pressure. Tires should be softer because it provides a comfortable ride but not too soft because it will drain the battery of your hoverboard really quickly.


Include everyone in the fun

With this attachment you can ride your hoverboard while sitting which is safe, comfortable and actually easy.

The HoverSeat is great for making hoverboard fun available to everyone. The young, the old, the timid, and those not confident with the balance needed to ride a hoverboard standing. EVERYONE can now have a go in the easier sitting position.

The seat can easily support 250 pounds weight.


The Advantages

HoverSeat is more versatile than other hoverkarts. You can choose what seat you want to add to it and aren’t limited to one style built in. This means you can choose a comfy seat!

HoverSeat is compatible with versatile seating solutions. Almost any chair will be suitable for seating but you should properly secure it to the HoverSeat to avoid any mishap. It is your duty to first secure it. You should hold onto your chair while driving it for the additional support.

What I really like about HoverSeat is that anyone can ride it. From a child to a parent, anyone can easily and comfortably use it. (Young children may not have enough weight to accurately control the steering while they are sitting down.)

You can use it for transporting objects too…. For example a cooler box, any other box on which you can sit comfortably, fishing chair etc. to ride on. You can use it to tow a wheeled cart and use it to transfer bags, boxes and other heavy tools etc.

It can easily tow a second person – as long as the maximum weight is less than 250 pounds.

It has a light aluminum frame so it’s easy to carry and get in and out of a car.

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It doesn’t come with a seat. If you have a beach chair already, then you’re good to go. But otherwise you’ll need to get one to use it with. (Here’s some on Amazon if you need one.)

This isn’t for racing. Other hoverkarts are more like racing go-karts. The have steering and a more streamlined frame. In comparison, this one seems more appropriate for novelty and lazy days in the garden.

Some people had difficulty with using the braking mechanism on the hoverboard while in a seated position. Make sure you give this some practice first, while in a safe environment before heading out to anything challenging like a downhill slope.


Accessorizing your ride

It’s really up to you how you want to accessorize your HoverSeat.

Some novel ideas are to add:



Hope you found our HoverSeat review useful. If you want to look for a hoverboard seating attachment with a seat built in, check out our reviews of other models.



Heavy duty extra large hoverkart by WorryFree Gadgets – Review

Heavyduty hoverkart


Edit: 4 September 2017 – the extra large hoverkart is currently unavailable.


If you want a large hoverkart for tall teens or adults to use, this WorryFree Gadgets model is the one for you. It’s larger and sturdier than other hover karts, so 6″2 adults up to 220 lbs can comfortably use it.

Attach it to your self-balancing electric scooter and you’ve suddenly given it a new lease on life. Turn your hoverboard into a fun electric go kart that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


Adjustable design

The extra large, heavy duty frame on this hoverboard go kart has an extendable length that goes from 35″ to 45″.  Other similar cart frames usually only go up to 39″. This means it can be used by the whole family, parents included. It’s quick and easy to adjust the frame length for different people so everyone can take turns.


What size hoverboard does it fit?

The large hoverkart is compatible with 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ hoverboards. How do you tell how big your hoverboard is? Simply measure the diameter of the wheels. (Sometimes the 6.5″ is referred to as 7″.)


How do you fit the attachment to your hoverboard?

The attachment is easy to fit to your electric scooter. It will take less than a minute to use the Velcro straps provided to attach it.


How this hoverboard go kart work?

Once you’ve attached the frame to your hoverboard and adjusted the leg length as required, you’re ready to use it. First make sure your electric self balancing scooter is charged and turned on. Then carefully take your seat and hold the two levers in your hands.

It’s easy to control the direction by using the two levers for navigation. Pull the handle on the side you want to turn towards. You can even lean into the corner with your body just like on a go-kart. The front swivel wheel moves automatically as you change direction.


What are its benefits over other brands?

The hoverboard seat itself is more comfortable than many alternatives. The molded plastic seat has some mild grip where you sit to stop you slipping and has ventilation holes at the back to keep you cool when it’s hot.

The frame of the cart is made of quality materials and is sturdier than many other alternatives. Despite this, it’s no more expensive – in fact, it’s one of the more affordable options.

As mentioned earlier, the leg length is longer on this model.

It otherwise uses the same basic design concept as many as other models.


What colors does it come in?

The frame is black with colored accents on the handles – the color options are black handles, blue handles or red handles.


What do users say?

This model has a 5 star rating on Amazon, where purchasers said it was well-built, fun, a good size and backed by good service.

You have to assemble it yourself before it’s ready to use, which some purchasers found tricky. But others did in a couple of minutes. It does come with all the tools you need and some instructions. If you need extra guidance there’s YouTube video that shows how to set it up.









Neon Kart Review

Neon kart in blue with red hoverboard

The Neon Kart is a hoverboard attachment that transforms your self-balancing electric scooter into an electric powered go kart.

Strap the hoverboard seat on to any two-wheeled self balancing scooter with the Velcro straps provided and now you’ve got a totally new and fun toy.

As pictured below, it comes in two color options, red and blue. Note: this applies to the color of the kart itself, and not the color of the hoverboard pictured. The hoverboard itself comes separately.

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Neon Kart in red with blue hoverboard combine to make a hover kart

Neon Kart in blue with red hoverboard combine to make a hover cartAdvantages

By buying this accessory you get a whole new form of entertainment out of your hoverboard. It’s an economical way of getting a new activity out of an existing toy you might already own.

It’s more fun than a regular go-kart because it’s electric and so you get more speed. It also feels faster than using your hoverboard in its standing position because it seems faster when you’re down close to the ground.

The levers are intuitive to use and give you good control over steering. Going around corners is fun, as you lean your body in, just as you would on a go-kart. It’s stable to use and can be used by all ages, including people who don’t have the good balance required to stand on a self-balancing scooter.

The design of the Neon Kart is simple and it is well built of quality materials. You can easily attach it to your hoverboard with the Velcro straps provided. These are adjustable for boards of different sizes.

The fully adjustable design lets the kart be modified for people of different sizes. Unlike an old style go kart this makes it easy for everyone to have a turn. The cart comes with an open wrench and an Allen key wrench for adjusting the length of the leg rest.


It will take you about 10 minutes to assemble the kart when first taking it out of the box. It requires 4 bolts to attach the seat to the frame. The tools for this are provided and it’s just a once off activity.

If you don’t yet own one, you need to buy the hoverboard separately. You can find plenty of different hoverboards for sale on Amazon.

Caution may be required in finding the right place to use this kart. As with any hoverboard go kart, there’s the safety issue of being so low to the ground that drivers may not see you. You’ll also need a fairly flat surface because most hoverboards aren’t great off-road. (Unless you have an all-terrain hoverboard such as the EPIKGO balance board.)

What do users think?

Neon Kart Reviews on Amazon have been very positive. It has a 4.5 star rating and comments have been very positive. People agree this is a great hoverboard seat attachment that leads to lots of FUN.

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