Electronic go kart created with a hoverboard and hover kart attachmentWhat is a hover kart?

A hover kart is type of seated go kart consisting of a hoverboard (aka a two-wheeled self balancing scooter) and a special kart attachment. The attachment straps onto the hoverboard and provides a go kart frame with one or two more wheels, a seat and handles that control the kart’s speed and movement.

A HoverKart (all one word) is a trademarked name associated with the company HoverPowered, so it refers to their particular brand of kart attachment.  There are several other brands that do a similar product, including HoovyKart, HoverSeat, dBass, Yvolution, MaxFind as well as unbranded models.

Here’s a video about the original HoverKart put together when they were crowdfunding for its production a few years ago.

How much does a hover kart cost?

Prices for the kart attachment vary between $50 and $150. You will also need to own or buy a two wheeled hoverboard separately (these range between $100 and $1000).


Where can I buy a hover kart? Can I buy online or in a shop?

As they’re fairly new they’re not readily available in local shops. You can easily buy them online though, and Amazon has a wide variety available including several different brands.


Do hover karts fit all sized hoverboards?

Not necessarily. You should double check the specifications of the model you are interested in to be sure.

They generally fit the standard sized hoverboards – 6.5″ and 10″, and many models fit the 8″. They may not fit smaller child sized models.

As well as checking the size of the hoverboard, you should check for requirements of the shape, as irregular shaped boards may not fit the hoverboard go kart.


How does a hoverboard go kart work?

The kart attachment fits to your hoverboard quickly and easily using straps. It also detaches quickly anytime you want to go back to using your self balancing scooter on its own.

They can be adjusted for different sized people and usually have adjustable frame lengths, seat positions and handlebar angles.

Two handles connect to the two halves of the board, and let you control your speed and direction. Pushing forward/backward on the handle is like leaning forward/backward when you stand on a hoverboard.


How fast is a hover kart?

A hover kart is limited to the maximum speed of the hoverboard you use it with, but is also influenced by your height, weight and driving style!

The top speed of most hoverboards, or electronic self balancing scooters, vary between about 5mph and 15mph. You can usually go faster in a hover kart than when standing on a hoverboard, because it’s easier to balance.


Does a kart attachment damage a hoverboard?

They are designed to strap firmly onto the board and if installed correctly should not damage the board. To give your hoverboard extra protection from scratches, chips and damage, you might like to use a silicone skin or cover.

Make sure you use the hoverboard in accordance with its guidelines, including the maximum weight a rider should be, and the maximum time it should be used at once. This is usually up to an hour of continuous use, as using it longer than this can cause it to overheat.


What’s next?

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